Future Naval Mine Counter Measures Capability: ‘Wargame’ with Maritime Unmanned Systems


Following a first session in December 2016, a “Concept Development Assessment Game” (CDAG) on future Naval Mine Counter Measures has been organised at the Belgian-Netherlands Mine Warfare School EGUERMIN in Ostend, from 13 to 17 March 2017.

Belgium and The Netherlands are preparing the joint replacement of their mine hunters. They will be replaced by an innovative capability based on unmanned systems, which will be deployed from mine countermeasures vessels or from the shore.

During the CDAG the most optimal combination of (unmanned) systems, fulfilling the operational requirements, have been explored. For this purpose, mine counter measures operations in three different scenarios were played using table top wargaming: keeping own ports free from mines, keeping maritime trade routes open and supporting amphibious operations.

The CDAG was led by TNO (The Netherlands) and the Royal Military Academy (Belgium). Participants were operational and technical specialists from several European countries (Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom).

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