Register for BiSC NMWC 2017

To register for the NMWC 2017 please fill in the form below. All participants need to be registered individually.

Ensure you have a scanned copy of your Passport / Government issued picture ID available for upload. (Max: 1 MB)

Ensure you have a scanned copy of your Security Clearance certificate available for upload. (Max: 1 MB)

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Logistic requirements

Hosted Icebreaker on 12 June 2017 (*)

Lunch on 13 June 2017 - (4,50 EURO) (*)

Hosted Dinner on 13 June 2016 (*)

Lunch on 14 June 2016 (4,50 EURO) (*)

Hotels with discount: hotel BERO, hotel BURLINGTON, hotel MERCURE and LEOPOLD HOTEL.

Do you require accommodation at Eguermin (20 EURO/ppn)? Note: Rooms are at LCDR-level and guests have to bring their own towels. (*)

If yes, check-in: , check-out:

If yes, Will you take breakfast in the mess? (2 EURO per meal) (*)

Note1: The Conference fee of 65 euro's plus lunches and breakfasts as requested have to be paid in cash when registering on arrival at the Conference-desk.

Note2: The availability of the requested accommodation will be confirmed by e-mail.

Will you attend the Technology and Industry Days in Zeebrugge? (*)

If yes, Will you use the military bus departing from NMW COE to Zeebrugge in the morning and returning in the afternoon on 15 an/or 16 June? (*)

REMINDER: do not forget to register separately for the T&I DAYS. Link at WWW.EGUERMIN.ORG under events-tab.

Please note any other remark about your requirements