From 13 till 17 March 2017 EGUERMIN (BE-NL Mine Warfare School) will host the second session of the BENL MCM Concept Development Assessment Game (MCM CDAG) in Oostende.


Personal e-mail to desired participants for this event.


The tentative agenda:

13 March

08.30-12.30: Arrival, preparation and registration for white cell members
11.30-12.30: Arrival and registration for players
12.30-13.30: Lunch
13.30-13.45: Welcome address
13.45-17.30: Interactive sessions
17.30-19.00: Ice-breaker in the bar of EGUERMIN

14-16 March (daily)

08.00-08.30: Arrival
08.30-12.30: Interactive sessions
12.30-13.30: Lunch
13.30-17.20: Interactive sessions cont.
17.20-17.30: Wrap up

16 March

19.30-21.30: Non-hosted dinner

17 March

08.30-09.00: Arrival
09.00-11.50: Interactive sessions
11.50-12.00: Closing remarks
12.00-13.00: Lunch
13.00-14.00: Debrief for white cell members


The participation is formed by invited Belgian, Netherlands, French and British Subject Matter Experts in Naval MCM, supporting experts from departments of Belgian and Netherlands MOD, TNO and Belgian RMA.


The aim of the MCM CDAG is to assist the definition of a toolbox for the BENL Next Generation MCM Capability that optimally suits relevant threat scenarios.


Dress for the MCM CDAG is working uniform (service dress with wooly pully) or civilian equivalent.


Participants may use the lodging facilities of EGUERMIN. The principle for reservation will be: first registered – first served. The request for lodging is included in the registration application below.

– Belgian participants: 0,00 €/pp/pd (lodging provided by Belgian Defense)
– Dutch participants: 25,00 €/pp/pd (to be claimed using DIDO)
– French/British participants: 25,00 €/pp/pd

Participants not granted to use the lodging facilities of EGUERMIN (no reservation possible) are informed that they can get discount at Hotel MERCURE, Hotel BERO and Hotel BURLINGTON by mentioning being participant of a meeting at EGUERMIN (see also information at tab MISC-Accommodation). Link: Accommodation

Participants that will arrive on Sunday 12 March should check-in at the reception of EGUERMIN prior 23h00.

Catering/social events:

Breakfast (€ 2,00 pp) and lunches (€ 4,50 pp) to be paid cash at the EGUERMIN mess. Refreshments during the MCM CDAG are sponsored by RNLN and DGMR. On Monday COB participants are invited for a hosted ice-breaker; on Thursday evening a non-hosted dinner will be scheduled. During the registration process participants of the BENL MCM CDAG are requested to subscribe for the various catering events.


During the registration process participants of the BENL MCM CDAG have to upload a copy of their Security Clearance Certificate if they wish to use the EGUERMIN lodging facilities.

Detailed Program of the BENL MCM CDAG:

A detailed agenda and logistic information package will be made available to the participants via email.


Host Nation (general – program):

Host Nation (logistics):


Registration via the EGUERMIN website page EVENTS is available. Please register as soon as possible but not later than 01 MAR 17. Link: register

For canceling your registration please send an e-mail to beparteguermin-receptie@mil.be (cc: baudouin.coppieters@mil.be and frits.groenendijk@mil.be).