After the first day, which was dedicated to general briefings, SME briefings and the planning conference, the exercise started with the presentation of the OPTASKs by the SONCAGS and SONIC. Upon completion of the briefings the participants went about with the new scenario. Snow Master 2016 in motion!

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Snow Master rolled into a decisive day where group transit will be initiated due to very high tension in the SCS. Military presence, which are yielding an important threat, on artificial islands, impair hugely freedom and safety of navigation. NCAGS and AWNIS, in close cooperation with maritime industry, try to deal with this.


‘NCAGS in the 17th Century’

During a lecture on Admiral De Ruyter, arguably the greatest Admiral in Naval history, several parallels were made with contemporary NCAGS and AWNIS doctrines, which made it clear that these doctrines are rooted in history much further in time than commonly thought.

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After our traditional social event, we have started with the last day of the exercise during which we take some far reaching decisions. Will we divert or will we force a passage through the South China Sea? Shall we escalate or deescalate? How will we handle the refugee stream? All challenges and questions to which we have to contribute to the answer with our NCAGS and AWNIS team so that the MCC takes the correct decisions.