Welcome to the Website of EGUERMIN. EGUERMIN stands for Ecole de Guerre des Mines which translates as Naval Mine Warfare School. 

EGUERMIN has a long tradition in the education of Naval Mine Warfare. It officially started as a Belgian-Netherlands school on the 1st of April 1965. A few years later the school opened up her courses to other NATO members. Today also partners from all over the world follow courses at EGUERMIN. 

Since 2006 EGUERMIN is the NATO Naval Mine Warfare Centre of Excellence (NMW COE) with a focus on educating NATO and partners in Naval Mine Warfare next to providing expertise and advise to the various NATO headquarters and agencies.

This site provides information on Naval Mine Warfare in general and the education we provide. It also informs on what we do as NATO’s Naval Mine Warfare Centre Of Excellence.  For students who will join EGUERMIN to follow a course more detailed information such as joining instructions, lodging information are given. 

You can also find information on  we do as NATO Naval Mine Warfare Centre Of Excellence as well as more detailed information on conferences, seminars and other activities. If you cannot find the information you are looking for or have a question on Naval Mine Warfare please contact us and we will be of assistance.


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