2018 SG NMW P&E and TTEP Meetings in Amsterdam

From 17 to 19 April the RNLN Maritime Warfare Centre hosted two NATO meetings in Amsterdam (NLD): the SubGroup Naval Mine Warfare Planning and Evaluation (SG NMW P & E) and the Tactics, Tools and Evaluation Panel (TTEP) with approximately 20 participants each. This SG and the Panel are part of the NSO Naval Mine Warfare Working Group (NMWWG). The SG discusses necessary adjustments in NMW P & E algorithms for the implementation of Next Generation Mine Counter Measures (MCM) systems, while the TTEP is responsible for the improvement of the current NATO doctrine on the basis of Lessons Identified (LI) and Best Practices experienced during operations, exercises and practicing experimental tactics (EXTACs). The Naval Mine Warfare Center of Excellence (NMW COE) in Ostend, Belgium, is chairman of the SG and co-chair of the TTEP.

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