new logoEGUERMIN and the NMW COE will host the first edition of the 2020 Dynamic Move Exercise (DYME-20). The second edition of DYME-20 will be supported by EGUERMIN and the NMW COE and will be hosted by MARICENDRAG.

Registration for the first edition has been closed, for further inquiries contact LTCDR DUBOIS and LTCDR KLINKER

Be sure to fill in the entity you will be appointed to during the exercise. If you are not sure, contact your national representative before filling the form. On the first day of DYME-20 I the in-processing will be done per Taskforce.

Registration will close on the 17th of January 2020 (COB). Registration for the DV-day (4th of February 2020) is not possible via this site and should be done directly via MARCOM.