The Navy Academy provides (inter)national and NATO courses in the Dutch, French and English languages.

National courses

For the national navy crew members, the school offers procedural, tactical and technical education to personnel serving on board of mine countermeasure vessels of the Belgian Naval Component and the Royal Netherlands Navy. This includes courses for operators, technicians, (assistant) minehunting officers and commanding officers.

NATO courses

We also offer education to officers from NATO-countries. Education contains lectures, wargames, staff work, briefings, study trips and theoretical exams and consists of four modules with a total duration of 18 weeks.

The four modules are named as follows:

–       NMWAC-N: Naval Mine Warfare Awareness Course-NATO (1 week)

–       OPP-7QMP-N: Operational Planning Process – 7 Questions Model Process–NATO (1 week)

–       PWO-MCM: Principal Warfare Officer – MCM (9 Weeks)

–       SO-MCM: Staff Officer- MCM (7 weeks)

When successfully passed the students are able to fulfill a job as a MCM staff officer in an (inter)national staff and are a subject matter expert in naval mine warfare.

International courses

Finally the school provides education to officers from PfP- and non NATO-countries.

One course is the NMWAC-I (naval mine warfare awareness course). The aim of that one week course is to provide non naval mine warfare officers, serving or designated to serve on board of a surface combatant or in a staff of a naval commander, with information to enable them to understand the challenges in naval mine warfare in relation to maritime operations in or close to a mine threat area.

Another course deals with the planning and evaluation of naval mine warfare operations and the software tools which can be used for this purpose (MCM Expert). The duration is also one week.

Course catalogue

The Navy Academy offers a wide range of naval mine warfare and naval mine warfare related courses and training/facilities for NATO Navy personnel. You will find on the link hereunder the last version of our course catalogue as well as the modalities to register.