Over time, the Naval base of Ostend became a centre of expertise in Naval Mine Warfare dedicating a part of its activity to advise national and various NATO headquarters and agencies.

Sinds 2006 the Naval base of Ostend hosts the NATO Naval Mine Warfare Centre of Excellence (NMW COE). Both entities developed together and are now split under two distinct commands. Nevertheless, they still are working in close cooperation and share on a daily basis information.

To complete the pole of expertise at Ostend, the school and the NATO Centre of Excellence both work closely with the Maritime Warfare Centre (department Naval Mine Warfare), also established in Ostend, and dedicated to the improvement of readiness and preparedness of the Belgian and Netherlands navies MCM units.

With this three entities, the bi-national school, the Centre of Excellence, and the Maritime Warfare Centre, Ostend is nowadays a NATO and a bi-national Hub on Naval Mine Warfare.