Registration to the FCC of DYNAMIC MOVE 2019 I

The FCC for DME 19 I will take place in Eguermin, Ostend on the 28th and 29th of Novemeber 2018.

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Logistic requirements (all prices incl. VAT)

Recommended hotels: Hotel RAMADA, Hotel BERO, Hotel BURLINGTON, Hotel LEOPOLD and Hotel BOTTELTJE.

Booked accommodation (name of Hotel or 'none')

Check-in: , check-out:

Do you need any accommodation at Eguermin (25 EUR pppn.)?(*)
The accommodation inside Eguermin is for officers up to the rank of OF-3.

If yes, check-in: , check-out:

Breakfast on 28 November(2 EUR) (*)

Lunch on 28 November(4.50 EUR) (*)

Dinner on 28 November(3 EUR) (*)

Breakfast on 29 November(2 EUR) (*)

Lunch on 29 November(4.50 EUR) (*)

Dinner on 29 November(3 EUR) (*)

Breakfast on 30 November(2 EUR) (*)

1. The availability of the requested accommodation will be confirmed by e-mail.
2. Payments for accommodation by credit card; meals can only be paid cash.
3 If you didn't upload your security clearance and/or a copy of your passport or Id-card,
please send it by email to,
en or bring a hardcopy with you on the first day of the conference.
4. If You do not stay in a Hotel or in Eguermin barracks, give us the location were you are staying
in the remarks.

Please note any other remark about your requirements