Location: EGUERMIN Ostend, Belgium.
Dates: 20 May – 24 May 2019

Sir, Madam,

This year the exercise Snow Master will occur from 20 until 24 May 2019 in EGUERMIN, Ostend.
For two Years now, the exercise is based on a realistic scenario covering contemporary topics such as:
– artificial Islands in the South China Sea (SCS) and geopolitical intrigues,
– the 9-dash line and the ASEAN Regional Forum,
– global economic trading patterns and maritime trade being hostage of a crisis,
– high level legal issues,
– asymmetric hybrid warfare and creation of maritime choke points,
– what could the consultation process within NATO (Article 4) signify in relation to economic interests and a coalition of the willing.
The scope of the exercise is to plan, implement and accomplish NCAGS and AWNIS activities inside an Area of Operations in order to:
a. Train NCAGS-staff and Deployed NCAGS Elements (DNE) personnel in NCAGS tactics, techniques and procedures. Job rotation in the DNE´s is not encouraged; however, to expose trainees to as many aspects of NCAGS operations as possible, it may be executed on an individual basis.
b. Provide participating masters and stakeholders with information on the actual maritime situation and – through advice and guidance, assistance on management of merchant ship movements – enhance their safety and security.
c. Train an AWNIS-staff to closely cooperate with the NCAGS-staff and AWNIS operators at DNE level in their specific area of expertise.
The specific objectives of this exercise are:
a. To exercise basic NCAGS in accordance with ATP-02.
b. To exercise NCAGS briefings to Merchant Shipping and Stakeholders.
c. To exercise basic AWNIS in accordance with AHP-01.
d. To compile a stabilisation plan.
e. To improve knowledge on legal aspects related to NCAGS and AWNIS.
f. To provide a multi-national training opportunity.
g. To exercise ADP tools and procedures.
In order to meet the scope of the exercise, a well-balanced manning is required for the exercise with a good mix of experienced and junior personnel. Given the set-up of the exercise, next to regular personnel for the DNE’s as well as for the NCAGS and AWNIS staff functions we need 2 experienced SO NCAGS and 2 experienced SONICs to lead the pack into the exercise. Furthermore, 4 seasoned IM / ADP colleagues would be appreciated.
More information will be provided the JI’s that will be promulgated in April.