Centre Of Excellence

The Naval Mine Warfare Centre Of Excellence is a NATO centre of excellence which works in close cooperation with the Maritime Warfare Centre department Naval Mine Warfare, a Belgian and Dutch institution dedicated to the improvement of readiness and preparedness of both navies MCM units, which is established in Ostend.

Definition of a Centre Of Excellence

A Centre Of Excellence (COE) is a nationally or multi-nationally sponsored entity, which offers recognized expertise and experience to the benefit of the Alliance, especially in support of transformation. It provides opportunities to enhance education and training, to improve interoperability and capabilities, to assist in doctrine development and/or to test and validate concepts through experimentation.

The COE Community
Presentation of the COE Community
Current COE Status
NATO accredited
  1. Joint Air Power Centre (JAPCC / DEU)
  2. Defense Against Terrorism (DAT / TUR)
  3. Naval Mine Warfare (NMW / BEL)
  4. Combined Joint Operations from the Sea (CJOS / USA)
  5. Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC / NLD)
  6. Cold Weather Operations (CWO / NOR)
  7. Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Defense COE (JCBRN / CZE)
  8. Air Operations Analysis and Simulation Centre (CASPOA / FRA)
  9. Cooperative Cyber Defense COE (CCD / EST)
  10. Cooperative Cyber Defense (CSW / DEU)
  11. Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters COE (CSW / DEU)
  12. Military Engineering COE (MILENG / DEU)
  13. Military Medicine (MILMED / HUN)
  14. Human Intelligence COE (HUMINT / ROU)
  15. Counter-Improvised Explosive Devices COE (C-IED / ESP)
  16. Explosive Ordnance Disposal COE (EOD / SVK)
  17. Modeling and Simulation COE (M&S / ITA)
  18. Energy Security COE (ENSEC / LTU)
In accreditation Process
  1. Crisis Management and Disaster Response (CMDR / BGR)
  2. Military Police (MP / POL)
In MOU Negotiations
  1. Strategice Communications (STRATCOM / LVA)
  2. Stability Policing (Vicenze / ITA)
In Concept Development
  1. Mountain Warfare (MW / SVN)
Total: 23