NMW Vision workshop

Twenty-five NMW specialists from thirteen different countries and NATO organisations came together at the NMW COE / EGUERMIN in Ostend to discuss a common Naval Mine Warfare vision.  The successful workshop was facilitated by Professor Jan Leysen from the Military Academy in Brussels and Associate-Professor Captain (N) Niels Woudstra from the Netherlands Defence Academy in Breda.
The conference centred on the enabling role of NMW in our common defence and maritime security.  We discussed the ways in which we can raise awareness of the critical role of NMW in both the military and commercial fields during peace time, crisis and war.  It is imperative that we communicate our goals and strategies in conducting minelaying and mine countermeasure operations.

We believe in the professionalism of our crews and the unique capabilities of our dedicated NMW assets to safely operate in a minefield and effectively reduce the risk to others.

The ideas discussed and the common vision that emerged during the workshop will be drafted over the coming months. The document will be unclassified so that it is suitable for public consumption.