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Maritime Warfare Centre department Naval Mine Warfare (MWC-NMW)

In order to improve the readiness and preparedness of Belgian and Dutch NMW-capabilities, a NMW Knowledge Centre (NMWKC) and a NMW Mission Support Centre (NMWMSC) were established in Ostend co-located with the Belgian-Netherlands Mine Warfare School EGUERMIN. The binational school is also accredited as the NATO Naval Mine Warfare Centre of Excellence.

Today these two institutions are part of the Admiral BENELUX (ABNL) organization and integrated as a single department of the Maritime Warfare Centre (MWC) located in Den Helder (The Netherlands). In contrast with MWC in Den Helder, the department NMW is bi-nationally filled by the RNLN and the Belgian Navy Component. The department provides Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the domain of Naval Mine Warfare and act as the principal NMW advisor to the Belgian and Netherlands Defence, and in particular the Directorate Operations.

The MWC-NMW supports EGUERMIN in her role as NATO NMW Centre of Excellence as agreed by Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the MWC and EGUERMIN.


The department NMW (MWC-NMW) is responsible for the innovation, standardization and securing maritime operational knowledge in the field of NMW doctrine, tactics and data.

The section NMWKC will collect, consolidate, develop and provide access to recognized expertise and experience on NMW to the benefit of the Belgian and Netherlands Defence and EGUERMIN in her role as NATO NMW Centre of Excellence. This will support the high readiness of ABNL NMW capabilities and contribute to improved utilization of NMW expertise at strategical, conceptual, doctrinal and technological level.

The main tasks consist of:

  • Doctrine Development & Standardization for Belgian and Dutch Navy;
  • Operational Analysis & Lessons Identified, Best Practices and Lessons Learned;
  • Concept Development & Experimentation for Belgian and Netherlands Defence;
  • Support the development of Education & Training in NMW.

The section NMWMSC will support ABNL Units and Staff to prepare, execute and evaluate the NMW part of missions (incl. expeditionary operations) by providing NMW information and support Command and Control in order to optimize NMCM capability. The NMWMSC collects and combines information previously obtained from a (inter)national network. In addition, the section NMWMSC provides analytical capacity during operations / exercises to provide units and staff insight into the quality of their NMW/MCM effort. The NMWMSC supports worldwide remotely from Ostend, or on location with the Mobile NMWMSC.

The main tasks consist of:

  • MCM data broker for Belgian and Netherlands Navies;
  • Provide Environmental Briefing Docket prior operations, exercises and training;
  • On-line mission support;
  • AML management for Belgian Continental Shelf;
  • Assistance in preparation of bi-national, NATO and International operations and exercises;
  • Analysis MCM of Effort during Operations, Exercises and Training (e.g. PC-Trials);
  • Analysis of MCM weapon engagement during Operations, Exercises and Training;
  • Simulation of MCM Scenario’s for Education, Training and Exercises.

Program of Work

Significant Products and Activities

Our Mission [to be included in footer]

On behalf of the Commander RNLN, the Maritime Warfare Centre is the authority within Defence responsible for the innovation, standardization and securing maritime operational knowledge in the field of doctrine, tactics and data.

Current operational experience, insight and data will be processed as quickly as possible and developed into useful products improving the effectiveness of delivering safety at and from the sea. It provides the Dutch and as much as possible, the Belgian Defence a single point of contact for maritime doctrine, tactics, data and advice.

The NMW department (in Ostend) is responsible for the domain Naval Mine Warfare.

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Maritime Warfare Centre
Department Naval Mine Warfare
Bootsman Jonsen kazerne
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Section NMW Knowledge Centre:
Phone: +32 (0)59 56 3367

Section NMW Mission Support Centre
Phone: +32 (0)59 56 3391

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