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 MWC-NMW Program of Work

MWC is on behalf of the RNLN the authority responsible for the Defence innovation, standardization and securing maritime operational knowledge in the area of doctrine, tactics and data. Actual operational experience, insight and data are processed as quickly as possible and developed into useful products to improve the effectiveness of providing security to and from the sea. It provides the Dutch and as much as possible the Belgian Defence single point for maritime doctrine, tactics, data and advice.

This results in following POW for MWC-NMW:

  • Managing and supporting the accomplishment of MWC-NMW tasks;
  • Maintaining contact with NMW Community of Practice and other stakeholders;
  • Participating in various NATO, International, binational and national working groups;
  • Contributing to various projects and studies;
  • Supporting Lessons Learned Process and Best Practices in the NMW Domain;
  • Delivering subject matter expertise to stakeholders:
    • ABNL, RNLN, Belgian Navy, EGUERMIN (NMW COE), other MWDC;
    • Providing guest lectures, training and demo’s to  EGUERMIN;
    • Supporting exercises (e.g. DME – In-Stride Debriefing Team) and IMCMEX).
  • Maintaining binational and national publications with NMW-related content;
  • Contributing to updating NATO publications;
  • Providing Mission Support to NLMARFOR MCM Staff and BEL and NLD MCMV;
  • Conducting performance analysis of MCMV and MCM Systems;
  • Managing ABNL NMW Database:
    • Maintaining Belgian NMW Database;
    • Sustaining Beneficial Cooperation Database.