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Significant Products and Activities

On 16 May 2006 the Admiralty Board approved to further the cooperation with Belgium in the field of minecountermeasures. As a result in 2007 the ABNL Naval Mine Warfare Knowledge Centre (NMWKC) and ABNL Naval Mine Warfare Mission Support Centre (NMWMSC) were founded in Ostend (co-located with EGUERMIN). During the reorganization of the RNLN in 2013 the NMWKC and NMWMSC have been integrated as department MWC-NMW in the newly established Maritime Warfare Centre (MWC) in Den Helder.

Following products and activities have been delivered by the MWC-NMW:

  • Contributed to NMWWG PSG(ATP Review) during 6 years [2008-2014];
  • Supported ABNL EXER Beneficial Archer 2013;
  • Conducted Percentage Clearance Trials (PCT) during EXER Beneficial Archer 2013;
  • Facilitated NMWWG/TTEP meeting in Bruges [APR 2014];
  • Contributed to EXTAC 873 [“Tactical use of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) in MCM Operations”];
  • Chaired the NMWWG 2014 [SEP 2014];
  • Participated in EXER IMCMEX 15 [OCT-NOV 2014];
  • Facilitated the ABNL NMW Community Contact day 2014;
  • Published Tactical Manual [JAN 2015].