Rooms can be provided in our military barracks. The school rooms provide ideal environment for study. There are 28 single rooms and 3 double rooms where bedding is provided.

Facilities :

  • television
  • refrigerator
  • radio with CD
  • wireless internet
  • parking
  • use of gym


Attention : students/guests have to bring their own towels and smoking is not allowed.

The price is between 0 and 25€ (depends upon different parameters).

For any requests for accommodation please fill in the form. Attention: when you are attending an event which is listed under the tab ‘Events’, then you have to ask for accommodation in the registration-form of that event.

All the hotels in de city of Ostend can be found via the tourism office of Ostend.
By mentioning the name of the school (EGUERMIN) and the reason of your presence in EGUERMIN, you will get some discount at Hotel MERCURE, Hotel BERO and Hotel BURLINGTON.

img0144  hotel burlington  Mercure hotels rvbLeopoldHotelOstend

Meals are served at the all-ranks mess. One must register for each meal.
The all-ranks mess is closed during weekends (Friday evenings included) and on holidays.
Coffee, tea or water is for free during working hours, when following one of our courses.
Soft drinks can be bought at one of the beverage machines.