Useful Links


Belgian Defense

Koninklijke Militaire School (KMS/KMA), Brussels (BEL)


Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, Ede/Wageningen (NLD)

Netherlands Defense

Netherlands Defense Academy (NLDA)

Organisatie Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (TNO) (NLD)


Maritime Warfare Centre department Naval Mine Warfare (Oostende, BEL)

Maritime Centres of Excellence

Combined Joint Operations from the Sea (CJOS) COE, Norfolk (USA)

Confined and Shallow Water (CSW) COE, Kiel (DEU)

Naval Mine Warfare (NMW) COE (Oostende, BEL)

Maritime Warfare Centres

HMS Collingwood, Maritime Warfare Centre, Fareham (GBR)

Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command (NMAWC), San Diego (USA)

Naval Mine Warfare Schools

EGUERMIN, Oostende (BEL)

Mine Warfare Training Center (MWTC), San Diego (USA)


Allied Command Tranformation (ACT)

ACT Transformation Network Coordination Cell (TNCC), Norfolk (USA)

Defense Investment Portal, Brussels (BEL)

Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC), Lisbon (PRT)

Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC), Bydgoszcz (POL)

Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), Stavanger (NOR)

Maritme Command (MARCOM), Northwood (GBR)

NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA), The Hague (NLD) and Mons (BEL)

NATO Headquarters, Brussels (BEL)

NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP), Lisbon (POR)

NATO Network Enabled Capability (NNEC)

NATO Shipping Centre, Northwood (GBR)

NATO Standardization Office (NSO) Forum, Brussels (BEL)



European Defence Agency (EDA), Brussels (BEL)

EDA Extranet, Brussels (BEL)

European Naval Academies