MPC/FPC Sandy Coast 2020

  1. Exercise SANDY COAST 2020 will take place from 21 August until 11 September 2020 off the Belgian Coast. Scheduled by Admiral Belgium Netherlands and Luxemburg (ABNL), it is a continuation on the Bi-National MCM focus exercise that was organised in September 2018.


  1. A combined MPC / FPC will be organised on Thursday 11 June 20 in Ostend in the BE-NL NMW School (EGUERMIN).


  1. Nations willing to participate for the MPC/FPC need to register filling in the questionnaire in annex. Due to the COVID-19 social distancing rules the conference will be restricted to maximum 25 (twenty-five) participants.
  2. SACO20 Planning schedule milestones:


  • Initial Planning Conference (IPC) was held at Den Helder Naval base (NLD): 12 Feb 20.
  • Main and Final Planning Conference (MPC/FPC), Oostende EGUERMIN (BEL): 11 Jun 20.
  • SACO 20 HP PSC (for VSW/EOD teams) and CET/FIT phase, Oostende EGUERMIN (BEL):22-23 Aug 20
  • SACO 20 HP TACEX phase (VSW/EOD teams), Oostende and Zeebrugge Harbour: 24-27 Aug 20.
  • SACO 20 PXD/HWU for HP phase, Oostende EGUERMIN (BEL): 28 Aug 20.
  • SACO 20 PSC for Sea phase (MCMVs), Zeebrugge Naval Base: 01 Sep 20
  • SACO 20 CET/FIT serialized program for MCMVs, BEL TTW: 02 – 03 Sep 20.
  • SACO 20 TACEX phase for MCMVs, BEL TTW: 03 – 08 Sep 20.
  • SACO 20 Mine Recovery and Endex, BEL TTW: 09 – 10 Sep 20.
  • SACO 20 HWU/Post-Exercise Discussion, Zeebrugge Naval Base: 11 Sep 20.


For more details on the conference, joining instructions and administrative information on EGUERMIN see annex.


Kind regards,


CDR Filip Clauwaert

CTG 428.13

Sandy Coast 2020




SNOW MASTER 2020 – Cancelled

SNOW MASTER 2020 – Cancelled 

The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting many countries and impacting the ability of personnel in countries to congregate and or travel to foreign countries.
(Some) restrictive measures or others may last in the next months with regard to the exit strategy elected by each country.
It also has an impact on the ABNL organization as such as well as with regard to planning possibilities,
infrastructure that is closed and will have to reopen and the deployment of personnel and staff.

At this moment the situation remains too uncertain in order to allow the organization of the 2020 Snow Master Exercise which was due in the week of May the 25th.

Therefor the ABNL prep team has decided to cancel the exercise and to focus on the 2021 edition that will take place in Eguermin Ostend in week 22 (31/05 – 04/06/21).