A broad selection of tactical and technical courses are available in English, French and Dutch. The classrooms are equipped with modern didactic means. Teamtraining is conducted on board with embarked team of specialists for a period of one to two weeks, partly in port and partly at sea.

We offer a wide range of naval minewarfare and naval minewarfare related courses and training/facilities for Navy personnel and minecountermeasures vessels.

BE-NL courses are given in Dutch or French.

NATO- and International courses, at the training facilities, are given in English. Good command of the English language is a necessity. After consultation with the school, the French language may be used in exceptional cases.

NATO Courses 

NATO Brochure 2019 – Amend 04 – September 2019  ( PDF – 446 KB)

NATO Brochure 2020 – Amend 01 – September 2019 ( PDF – 711 KB)

International Courses

 International Brochure 2019 (PDF – 398 KB)

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 General Guidline for students and authorities (PDF – 244 KB)