Mine Display Room

The Mine Display Room (MDR) is a unique place where a large collection of sea mines is displayed, including the oldest remaining mine dating from 1863 up to recently designed mines.

PANORAMA mine display room

PANORAMA mine display room

PANORAMA mine display room

For instruction purposes some mines are opened up to visualize the sensors and mechanisms.

A lot of countries are represented in that field as for instance… France, Germany, UK, USA, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Japan…

The oldest mine in the room: The Barrel Torpedo


oldest mine

This “Torpedo” is legacy of the American Civil War, a period when the word mine didn’t exist. During this war the Confederates (the South’s states) used a lot of torpedoes against the North’s Navy; the Federates didn’t want to use this weapon because they found it unfair.

The Barrel torpedo was a watertight keg filled with gunpowder and fired by a percussion lock when it stucked a ship. The wooden cones stabilize the keg horizontally; to prevent rhe rolling due to the waves, a weight hangs on a rope under the keg.

The kegs used were originally those which served for the importation of the Scotch whisky or the Porto wines.