Education Support

Education Support, as part of the Education department, consists of two sub sections: Planning and Development.

Planning sub section:

Planning consists of 4 members who are responsible for all the planning matters related to education.

Their primary task is the scheduling of the annual education calendar, detailed scheduling of the courses, providing general brochures and detailed (joining) instructions to the national/international authorities and student.

Their secondary task is acting as the front office of EGUERMIN NMW COE regarding education matters, being the POC for national authorities and students.

Development sub section:

The development department consists of 4 members who are responsible for the development and maintenance of all the courses given by EGUERMIN NMW COE.

Development and maintenance of courses is done via standards in line with ISO 9001 standards.

This process is done in close cooperation with the other 3 sections within Instruction and Training.