The Team Training Facility

The Naval Mine Warfare Team Training Facility (NMW TTF) has been in use at Eguermin and has provided training and support to courses, ships crews, and training departments of both the Belgian and Netherlands Navies. The TTF can be used for training of individuals on all levels (sonar operator to commanding officer), in addition to Mine hunting and Minesweeping team training. Moreover, Task Group training is possible, supporting up to three Task Units at any one time. Although the TTF is specifically designed for the updated Alkmaar and Flower class Mine Countermeasure Vessels, in use by the Belgian and Netherlands Navies, other nations with the same weapons system (Seafox) are also using the TTF.

The gaming system

The Naval Mine Warfare Gaming System (NMWGS) creates a confrontation between the Naval Minefield planner and the Naval Mine Counter Measures (NMCM) Commander in an imaginary scenario. The NMWGS operates on a Windows based PC network and provides a dynamic user interface and an electronic map of a designated sea area. The software simulates the interaction between the sea mines, the sensors and sweeping gears of the Naval Mine Countermeasure Vessels (NMCMV’s) and different autonomous vehicles, other naval units, crisis response shipping and economic shipping. The interaction is adapted in accordance with the relevant environmental factors in the area. The NMWGS software also simulates the reporting by the NMCMV’s. During the wargame the NMWGS staff inserts a number of incidents to be dealt with by the students.