Gaming System

picture of the gamingThe Naval Mine Warfare Gaming System (NMWGS) creates a confrontation between the Naval Minefield planner and the Naval Mine Counter Measures (NMCM) Commander in an imaginary scenario.The objective of the NMWGS is to provide instruction and training for Naval Mine Warfare Staff Officers in the areas of NMCM planning, decision-making and evaluation. The instruction and training is primarily given on the NMCM Tasking Authority level, eventually complemented by a superior command level.

The NMWGS operates on a Windows based PC network and provides a dynamic user interface and an electronic map of a designated sea area. The software simulates the interaction between the sea mines, the sensors and sweeping gears of the Naval Mine Countermeasure Vessels (NMCMV’s) and different autonomous vehicles, other naval units, crisis response shipping and economic shipping. The interaction is adapted in accordance with the relevant environmental factors in the area. The NMWGS software also simulates the reporting by the NMCMV’s. During the wargame the NMWGS staff inserts a number of incidents to be dealt with by the students.

A wargame can be tailored to the wishes of the client. If the plan development phase is done “at home”, the wargame can be limited to a gaming phase of 5 days. If not, 10 days are necessary. Wargames that are organised as part of EGUERMIN courses take up to 15 days. During the whole period a staff of experienced NMCM instructors is present to assist and coach the students in planning, executing and evaluating the NMCM operations. 
Each year, over 200 NMCM staff officers train and exercise on the NMWGS as part of:

  • The annual NATO Computer Assisted Exercise DYNAMIC MOVE
  • The EGUERMIN NATO Principal Warfare Officer NMW and Staff Officer NMW courses;
  • A wargaming period during a national NMW course (e.g. UK, NOR, DEU);
  • A dedicated NMCM staff team training (e.g. UK MCM squadrons, NLMARFOR).

NMWGS clients include not only most of the maritime NATO nations but also Partnership for Peace (PfP) nations and international navies.The NMWGS has the capability to go mobile. A 10-day wargame is organised biannually at the Canadian Fleet Forces School in Quebec. Other wargames on location have been executed in the US, Latvia and Sweden.