Team Training Facilities

Since 2008, the Naval Mine Warfare Team Training Facility (NMW TTF) has been in use at Eguermin and has provided training and support to courses, ships crews, and training departments of both the Belgian and Netherlands Navies. The TTF can be used for training of individuals on all levels (sonar operator to commanding officer), in addition to Mine hunting and Minesweeping team training. Moreover, Task Group training is possible, supporting up to three Task Units at any one time. Although the TTF is specifically designed for the updated Alkmaar and Flower class Mine Countermeasure Vessels, in use by the Belgian and Netherlands Navies, other nations with the same weapons system (Seafox) are also using the TTF.

Aim of the TTF is to:TTF
  • Train students, individual crews, or a combination of crews in mine hunting.
  • Provide a safe and “realistic” environment for students to gain knowledge and learn from their judgments prior to live training where the situations may prove more hazardous.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operators.
  • Enable the training programs to be completed rapidly, independent from environmental conditions.
  • Provide a cost-effective means of enhancing training programs.
  • Study and apply new tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • 3 cubicles with 6 consoles each;
  • 1 instructor / facilitator room with 3 consoles;
  • 1 auditorium;
  • 1 technical room and 1 preparation room.

The Team Training Facility consists of:
The three cubicles have six multifunctional consoles where either a team or six individuals can receive training. All consoles are equipped with the same Integrated Mine Countermeasures System as the ships at sea, providing “realistic” training. The system is capable of simulating almost every possible configuration used onboard with an unlimited number of scenarios from all over the world. Examples of configurations that can be used include Hull Mounted Sonar, Self Propelled Variable Depth Sonar, Seafox, and Minesweeping drones, or a combination of these systems.
The instructor / facilitator room can be utilized by three instructors working the same scenario in tandem or different scenarios. Communication with the students in the cubicles is available to the instructors via the communication system included. Video cameras and computer screen replication allows the instructors to monitor the students’ training while providing real time feedback. Scenarios used in training can be adapted during run sequences or paused to provide maximum training value. The auditorium, with three projection screens is used to brief students prior to commencing training and can replay training sessions for debriefing / educational purposes. With a layout that supports seating for up to 50 persons, the auditorium is often used for these and other presentations held at Eguermin.The technical room and preparation room are mainly used for maintenance of the TTF system and preparation of the scenarios. These scenarios can be engineered to replicate “real world” waters and mine warfare environments that support the end-users training desires.Background information: the TTF uses 102 personal computers, 87 touch panels and 54 LCD monitors.